Our Services

We provide company registration services. Our one-stop business solutions provides everything you need effectively, quickly and precisely.
We provide accounting and tax services to local and foreign business entity and help you solve the accounting and tax matters professionally.
It is a requirement in the Companies Act of Malaysia to appoint a credential company auditor or audit firm to audit private limited company in Malaysia. The annual audit is mandatory in Malaysia, regardless of the size of the company.
There are several options to make international money transfer or payment, however generally, the common options available are banks and money transfer operators.
Market research service is defined as the investigation service designed to acquire information on the potential and performance of a certain product or service in the market.
Legal services are important consideration for any business owner especially for small business owners, who often face a number of legal hurdles.
Apart from copyright and patent, the registered trademark can protect the right of the applicant by preventing others from using the similar mark for commercial use
A Work permit is also known as an employment pass or work visa issued by the Expatriate Committee (EC) or relevant regulatory agencies to the expatriate. With the work permit, the expatriates can stay legally in Malaysia to work.
Apply Manufacturing License from Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA). Manufacturing license is a legal premise for a company to conduct manufacturing activities in Malaysia under the provision of the Industrial Coordination Act (ICA) 1975.
The purpose of Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) is to give Custom duty exemption to raw materials/components and machineries and equipment which used directly in the manufacturing process
Companies doing business in Malaysia are required to apply for business premise license from the respective Local Authorities. The requirements for the application of a business premise license may vary in each local authority.
Buy or rent the ready built factory might be the best choice for the local or foreign investor who want to establish their factory production soonest possible.
Industry siting and zoning, industry land matters are important criteria for business decision. The rejection rate in local authority is extremely high due to lack of knowledge of client in making industrial land purchase.
‘Architectural Services’ is defined as the provision of architectural consultancy services and advice that involve building planning and design and etc…
‘Professional Engineering Services’ is defined as the provision of any engineering services and advice that involve consultation, survey, evaluation, planning, and design of engineering works
Construction services cover a wide variety of ranges including new construction, renovation, historic renovation, and restoration, rebuild from fire or water damage and etc…
Project management involves planning, executing and coordinating the project from initiation to completion to deliver a smooth construction process.
We provide on-the-job training that help you to strengthen your employees hard and soft skills. We ensure off training employees will be further developed, increase productivity and motivated.